Camp Bliss

Camp Bliss

The Pishkar Camel Fair is an ancient meeting of camels, horses, families, and now cars and motorbikes, fun fairs and light. We stayed at an amazing tented camp, called appropriately Camp Bliss

Evening Entertainments at Camp Bliss

Evening Entertainments at Camp Bliss

They were described to us as a local traveling band

A local traveling band played for us

It was amazing

Singing, dancing & balancing!

Singing, dancing & balancing!

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Camp Bliss was just that, and we could have spent all of our time being catered to by the most hospitable Vijayant, and his team from Incredible Indian Moments, but we were there for the camels. We we rather upset to discover that there were no camel anywhere – we had arrived a little ahead of time due to the sheer craziness of the event. It literally engulfs the small town in festival madness she it really kicks off, as we played it safe because we have two children under five. They are not ready for such an overwhelming experience. We took a drive, nosed around, couldn’t see much and went back to the tent thinking perhaps our gamble had not paid off. Undeterred, the following morning we took a camel cart ride to go and explore properly. The first two miles seemed only to confirm our fears. Barely a camel anywhere. Perhaps tomorrow would see more camels arrive, we asked ourselves, as we passed right through the camp ground (and a lot of horses) and crested a hill.

Camels everywhere

Camels everywhere

Camels, Camels, camels

The desert was covered with camels and their herders. It was an insane sight.It was a festival of meetings

Incredible faces

Incredible faces
Time worn and dusty

Time worn and dusty

And noisy

And noisy

The entire three day stay turned out to be an unforgettable experience.

Ho! Ho! Ho!

A photographer gets to see many unique things, to witness once in a lifetime events. Sometimes I also get to help others by publicizing their hard work and charitable efforts. Such as this event: I was the official photographer to the AWA Christmas Mela here in Delhi. My brief was to photograph the entire day from set up to set down –  to record the work and successes of the organizing committee, and the fun people had kicking off the Christmas season by contributing to good causes. I arrived at 5am, and left just before 6pm. But by no means did I work as hard, nor as long, as most of the volunteers!

AWA Mela 2013 LoRes (1)

It was dark and cold (a new experience for me in Delhi) when the doors opened to the vendors.

AWA Mela 2013 LoRes (8)

The wares came in on a fleet of exceptionally well organized bicycle rickshaws.

AWA Mela 2013 LoRes (26)

The sun came up and revealed a line of rickshaws disappearing into the morning smog haze.

AWA Mela 2013 LoRes (65)

AWA Mela 2013 LoRes (66)

Dedicated AWA volunteers, and exhibitor.

AWA Mela 2013 LoRes (62)

AWA Mela 2013 LoRes (54)

Our daughter has not forgotten last Christmas. We expected her to be full of Christmas cheer for most of January but by March we started to try and tell her that it was time to start to think of other things, Easter for example, and to give poor old  Santa some peace and a well earned rest. It did not work. Seriously, it’s been a year long obsession.

AWA Mela 2013 LoRes (160)

So it was with some relish that later in the day she (along with the whole family) joined me at the Mela. I think she imagined she was going to see a field full of her Christmas dreams, a place that resembled Lapland or the North Pole (in leafy Delhi, in November, at 28C). I think she felt a little let down! But when she found these decorations she burst over them in her special way, and we ended up buying half the store.

AWA Mela 2013 LoRes (162)

AWA Mela 2013 LoRes (105)

AWA Mela 2013 LoRes (137)

AWA Mela 2013 LoRes (281)

AWA Mela 2013 LoRes (260)

The entertainment was introduced by the U.S. Ambassabor to India, and it was themeed around the rights and champions of women’s freedom – against slavery, abuse, rape.AWA Mela 2013 LoRes (219)

AWA Mela 2013 LoRes (187)

AWA Mela 2013 LoRes (230)

AWA Mela 2013 LoRes (173)

The mela was a huge success.

AWA Mela 2013 LoRes (294)

This is my favorite portrait of the day. All he wanted was his photo taken. Nothing else, not even a copy.  I shot it on a long lens as well, so he had to have spotted me a long way away and beckoned me to take the photo. So it did, and we both liked it.
AWA Mela 2013 LoRes (296)

Pack-down started promptly but it must have taken hours and hours…

AWA Mela 2013 LoRes (337)

I do wonder what the rickshaw peddlers made of it all, looking in on the world of items for sale at Western prices, often made my ex-pats for ex-pats, or for wealthier Indians.

AWA Mela 2013 LoRes (342)

Most of the labor, including the rickshaw drivers, that heaved and pulled and carried and stacked to make his event such a success, live in slums.

AWA Mela 2013 LoRes (310)

AWA Mela 2013 LoRes (373)As my son got to name the previous post, my daughter got to name this one. “Ho, Ho, Ho,” she kept chirping as we walked to the Mela. Hohoho indeed. Happy Holidays from Delhi!


The India Grand Prix: a birthday gift from my wife and mother-in-law. But due to family illness – everyone was laid flat by the flu – I had to attend race day alone. Nonetheless, I got quite excited about this. It is F1 after all.Indian Grand Prix 2013 Lo-Res (45)

A Grand Prix is an exciting day out, a festival of speed, air displays, celebrity spotting, a bonanza of overpriced but quite cool merchandising, lots of bad-for-you-but-tastes-good food, and a tremendous atmosphere for such a spread-out open-air event. You never quite know what to expect.

Indian Grand Prix 2013 Lo-Res (3)

But the India Grand Prix has been suffering from well documented problems, and this whole experience was none of those anticipated things.

Indian Grand Prix 2013 Lo-Res (2)

It was eerie, misty, cool, strange and vacant when I arrived. The heat grew quickly and the smog deepened, and a listlessness spread over the circuit. This was day three of the event but it was still being put together, as if I had come the day before it all started.

Indian Grand Prix 2013 Lo-Res (117)

At times it seemed that more people were collecting outside the track than inside. But at least inside they were serving beer and strange food – at ten in the morning!Indian Grand Prix 2013 Lo-Res (141)

Eventually the scorching midday sun passed into a breezy afternoon and the race got closer, and my trackside position benefited from the massively undersold grandstands and empty green knolls, on which one could (and many track & circuit workers did, alongside the guests) lay back and doze in the smoggy sun.

Indian Grand Prix 2013 Lo-Res (32)

I did not join those sleeping on the grass. I scouted out the best places for the action, drank galloons of water and a beer or two. The first hint of anything happening for real arrived in the form of the driver’s presentation lap. I got to see close up some familiar famous faces.

Indian Grand Prix 2013 Lo-Res (24)

Then it was Lights Out, and the Grand Prix race itself was edge of your seat stuff: being this close made you appreciate the speed and danger of the drivers in their cars, the forces at work, the engineering.  Now the day came alive - and the crowd was enthusiastic, punching way above it’s weight. Roaming the entire south side of the circuit I got the camera into some nice positions.
Indian Grand Prix 2013 (162)

Not as nice as some…

Indian Grand Prix 2013 Lo-Res (86)

Boy, I forgot how loud these cars are.

Indian Grand Prix 2013 (107)

The local hero…

Indian Grand Prix 2013 Lo-Res (50) cropThe chase…

Indian Grand Prix 2013 Lo-Res (108) crop

These guys are unbelievable quick…
Indian Grand Prix 2013 Lo-Res (46) crop

Separated by tenth’s of seconds…

Indian Grand Prix 2013 Lo-Res (91) crop

There were drivers I have followed for years, great teams, famous marques…

Indian Grand Prix 2013 Lo-Res (80) crop

It was an added bonus to see a Wolrd Championship decided here as well.

Leading from pole, Vettel effectively led for the entire race and took the flag for his forth consecutive world title.Indian Grand Prix 2013 Lo-Res (212) cropped

Indian Grand Prix 2013 Lo-Res (153)

He was never under any real threat…Indian Grand Prix 2013 Lo-Res (63) crop

..and  is rapidly becoming the racing legend his potential claimed he would be.

Indian Grand Prix 2013 (253)

There were smoking doughnut’s on the home straight before he jumped out of the car and saluted it and the crowd. He got fined heavily for that.

Indian Grand Prix 2013 (256)And cheers & tears all round. By the end of the day the sun set orange and early through the smog and the mosquitoes came out as if sensing their brief existence was coming to an end, so we just fled the circuit and came home. An interesting experience. The title of the post was inspired by my son’s reaction to looking at the photos. As usual, double click the image for a full size experience!

Reaching For The Sky

Some time ago I was lucky enough to visit Alpha Montessori, a school born of the vision and dedication of a number of remarkable people who are working tirelessly to improve the lives of children and their families through education.

AM Roof Garden Opening Cem Lo-Res (245)

In the previous post I failed to give proper recognition to this team of visionary individuals that have made the school a such success. The school’s founder, Rajesh Batra, called me out on this oversight, and I must apologise to those people whom I ommitted to mention last time I wrote about the school.

AM Roof Garden Opening Cem Lo-Res (277)

I want to draw attention to all of the people involved in the school who have worked selflessly and tirelessly to make it such a success.  Specifically, I would like to aplaude Mrs. Amita Bardwick  “who has prepared everything and put her heart into it,” and Mrs. Rajalakshmi Mohan and Mrs. Anita Chandel, “who have been associated with us for their kind and humble services for the children.” These women are heroes. We need more like them, everywhere.

AM Roof Garden Opening Cem Lo-Res (273)

There are of course many other people involved in the success of the school. As Rajesh says, there are those who have “put their soul into it. We have our committed teachers and staff who have been with us for all the good and bad times. Facing the challenges and overcoming them with courage and commitment.”

AM Roof Garden Opening Cem Lo-Res (294)

In September the school realised a long standing dream and opened a roof garden for the students. They can now grow gardens, nurture plants, observe and measure. It is open space in a congested city. There is blue sky in the schoolroom. It has taken many months and a lot of fundraising to get it built and I was asked to photograph the opening ceremony.

AM Roof Garden Opening Cem Lo-Res (24)

What I witnessed took my breath away. The program was amazing, with many well rehearsed performances. So much work had gone in to making the costumes alone!

AM Roof Garden Opening Cem Lo-Res (3)

The photos of the opening ceremony obviously tell the story of the work of the staff and the school community, but mostly they show the children’s joy and confidence, of their commitment to their school.

AM Roof Garden Opening Cem Lo-Res (82)

AM Roof Garden Opening Cem Lo-Res (86)

AM Roof Garden Opening Cem Lo-Res (145)

These were kids so happy. This was something that they owned.

AM Roof Garden Opening Cem Lo-Res (179)

AM Roof Garden Opening Cem Lo-Res (180)

AM Roof Garden Opening Cem Lo-Res (196)

AM Roof Garden Opening Cem Lo-Res (313)

AM Roof Garden Opening Cem Lo-Res (324)

I can’t even be sure that these are the best images. Every time I look at them I choose another batch to blog.

AM Roof Garden Opening Cem Lo-Res (342)

I have choice paralysis when it comes to this event because each photograph in its own way tells of the joy and accomplishment of each child. Each image captures a split second of success.

AM Roof Garden Opening Cem Lo-Res (371)

AM Roof Garden Opening Cem Lo-Res (516)

AM Roof Garden Opening Cem Lo-Res (458)

AM Roof Garden Opening Cem Lo-Res (505)Inspiring. We can change the world.

And The Days Fall Like Rain

I seem to have lost a month. The time has slipped by without me noticing. The last time I checked it was raining. A lot. Monsoon rain coupled to the summer inferno; mosquitoes, heat and humidity, and a good dose of cabin fever setting in because me and the children couldn’t get out. Then the school term kicked into gear and the kids got busy. And me too. I’ve been teaching again which is always nice. Photography commissions came in thick and fast, and then illness.


The days fell like the raindrops from the sky and floated away. Rain378

Our garden flooded and drowned the grass in a swampy death that just bred bugs and flowers.Rain377

Now it is a dusty playground, a child’s savannah. The kids love it but I wish our grass had survived. Delhi is far more livable now, much easier to walk through. The pollution is settling in too, along with the cold nights. Perhaps not so livable after all.


Rain380I do not know where the days have gone or where I have been. October is a mystery to me, a passing face on the train carriage that is the the year.


So much has happened. Its time to let the photos do the talking.

Taking the camera for a walk

It has been hard in the heat and humidity to get out with the camera. I don’t like how wet everything gets, including me. I am over protective of my gear right now and this has been self-limiting. Also, I have been extremely busy with the children recently. That in itself is a gift, but it means that making images has lost out to making paper fairy wings, giant spiders and glam rock sunglasses. Perhaps I should turn the camera inward a little and photograph the children’s world of arts & crafts. IMG_2666-Edit